Lipstick & Lip Gloss Sets


Perfect Pout

Lip makeup for lip color, line, and definition in highly pigmented shades rich in nourishing antioxidants. Bold or soft, matte or satin, we have it all.

Stay ahead of the trend with luxurious diamond lip gloss and our long-wearing PRO liquid lipstick.  Feeling playful?  Explore our sexy Alter Ego line, including satin lipstick, lip stain, and lip gloss sets available in sultry nudes and pinks. Discover vivid lip colors, classic lipsticks, lip liner pencils & more lip sets from LORAC.

  1. Glamour Icons Lip Gloss Wardrobe

    Regular Price $25.00 Special Price $12.50
  2. Glamour Icons Lip Collection Premiere

    Regular Price $18.00 Special Price $9.00
  3. Glamour Icons Lip Collection Nude Scene

    Regular Price $18.00 Special Price $9.00
  4. LUX Diamond Lip Gloss

  5. Diamond Disco Gloss Trio Moonlight Kiss

    Regular Price $15.00 Special Price $7.50
  6. Alter Ego Lip Gloss

  7. Alter Ego Satin Lipstick

    $9.00 Regular Price $18.00
  8. PRO Liquid Lipstick

    $9.50 Regular Price $19.00

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